June, 11-12 2021



  • Naso-maxillary narrowness & sleep apnea syndrome: exploration and treatment, from child to adult.
    Julia Cohen Levy (Canada) Boris Petelle (France)
  • Orthopedic Treatment of Skeletal Class III with Delaire's Mask: Principles and Implementation
    Thomas DURAND (France)
  • Delaire’s Universal Mask: a new external anchorage device. First results treating class II malocclusions.
    Wanda del Gobbo, Dr. Stefano Pagnoni (Italy)
  • The Delairian Eye
    Nicolas GOOSSENS (France), Mai Khanh LE-DACHEUX (France)
  • Is it possible to use a simplified Delaire analysis?
    Jean-Baptiste KERBRAT (France)
  • Interests of Delaire's architectural analysis in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea.
    Mai Khanh LE-DACHEUX, Aurélie MAJOURAU-BOURIEZ, Nicolas GOOSSENS (France)
  • From manual to computerized analysis
    Jean Michel SALAGNAC (France)
  • Vertebral column and Dentofacial Dysmorphia. Clinical and cephalometric bases
    Jean Michel SALAGNAC (France)
  • Dysfunctional ventilation: favourable prognosis for orthopedics!
    Olivier SOREL (France)
  • Contribution of Jean Delaire's cephalometric analysis in the follow-up of the results. Considerations about a significant case of an orthosurgical Class II followed over 15 years.
    Jean-Marie TRAN MINH THIEN, Benoît PHILIPPE (France)
  • Early Orthopaedic Correction of Skeletal Class III with expansion and facemask: A Non-extraction approach.

    Jocelin WEN (Australia)

Maxillofacial Surgery

  • Evaluation of vertical ramus osteotomy for the surgical correction of unilateral mandibular posterior vertical insufficiency: Long-term follow-up results
    Marine ANQUETIL (France)
  • Maxillary transversal development. The principles enunciated by Jean Delaire confirmed by Cone Beam CT
    Nicolas BEDHET (France)
  • Dental and maxillofacial features of condylo-mandibular dysplasia: A case series of 21 patients
    Hélios BERTIN (France)
  • Bilateral sagittal split osteotomy training on mandibular 3-dimensional printed models.
    Hélios BERTIN
  • Benefits and limitations of Delaire’s cephalometric analysis for the diagnosis of anterior vertical facial balance.
    Pierre CORRE (France)
  • Contribution of Jean Delaire's thinking to modern orthognathic surgery and to the understanding of cranio-maxillo-facial syndromes.
    Joel FERRI (France)
  • Long face syndrome and hyperdivergent subjects. Should we prefer Horseshoe rather than total Le Fort I osteotomy?
    Quentin GOGUET (France)
  • Vertical ramus elongation and mandibular advancement by endobuccal approach: Presentation of a new osteotomy technique.
    Fanny GRIMAUD (France)
  • Evolution of cephalometrics based on Professor Delaire's architectural and structural analysis
    Sang-Hwy Lee (South Korea)
  • Musculo-skeletal coordination in craniofacial growth
    Sang-Hwy LEE (South Korea)
  • Evaluation of facial harmony following Delaire cephalometric analysis based orthognathic surgery : Part I : dento-skeletal balance.
    Anaëlle LENORMAND (France)
  • Evaluation of facial harmony following Delaire cephalometric analysis based orthognathic surgery : Part II : soft tissues balance.
    Anaëlle LENORMAND (France)
  • The posterior vertical dimension: this misunderstood.
    Jacques MERCIER (France)
  • Efficacy of proportional condylectomy in a treatment protocol for unilateral condylar hyperplasia: A review of 73 cases
    Guillaume MOUALLEM (France)
  • Orthognathic planning for dummies according to the concepts and analysis of Jean Delaire.
    Nicolas NIMERSKERN (France)
  • Pre-growth orthognathic surgery and Delairian principles
    W. KATER (Allemagne), C. PAULUS (France)
  • About 114 consecutive dysmorphosis surgeries in Northern Chile using architectural analysis criteria
    Roberto PANTOJA (Chile), Matías GUNTHER (Chile), Hayat SILVA (Chile)
  • Delairian architectural balance and integral splintless guided orthognathic surgery: Why? When? How? Who? Results and comments based on 10 years of clinical experience.
    Benoît PHILIPPE (France)


  • Growth models in craniofacial malformations: from Jean Delaire’s principles to deep learning
    Roman Hossein KHONSARI (France)
  • Diagnostic tools for craniofacial malformations based on artificial intelligence : are morphometric and cephalometric approaches still relevant ?
    Quentin HENNOCQ (France)
  • Describing craniofacial growth in craniosynostoses : overview of the current approaches and evolutions since Delaire’s analysis
    Kevin BLOCH (France)
  • Mandibular growth in syndromic craniosynostoses : assessment based on geometric morphometrics and links with craniofacial architecture
    Anne MORICE (France)
  • Geometric optimisation of fronto-orbital remodelling : interest of biomechanical models and use of 3D cephalometric
    Maya GEOFFROY (France)
  • Craniofacial architecture in intentional skull deformations
    Roman Hossein KHONSARI (France)

Physiotherapy and Orthophony

  • Fundamentals of OMF Physiotherapy
    Frédérique BIGOT (France)
  • Role of the OMF Physiotherapist in the prevention of dysfunctions
    Frédérique BIGOT (France)
  • List of dyspraxia listed in the physiotherapic diagnostic check-up
    Frédérique BIGOT (France)
  • Significance of multidisciplinary collaboration in the stability of results
    Frédérique BIGOT (France)
  • Lingual ankylosis and impact on cervical lordosis
    Francis CLOUTEAU, Elie ZAATAR, Guy MARTI (France)
  • Long terms results of Delaire functional treatment in condylar mandibular fracture in children. A series of 108 cases
    Fanny GRIMAUD (France)
  • Radiological signs of the oral respirator
    Isabelle MOHBAT (France)
  • Outcomes of Delaire functional treatment versus open reduction and internal fixation of condylar mandibular fracture with articular impact: A retrospective study of 83 adults
    Fanny-Laure MERLET (France)

Round Tables

  • Management of lingual posture and swallowing disorders. How to avoid recurrences of malocclusions linked to lingual posture disorders? The opinion of physiotherapists, speech therapists, orthodontists, surgeons.
    Round table led by Frederic BIGOT (France) and Pierre CORRE (France)
  • Jean Delaire's Cephalometry. From 2D to 3D. State of play, Interest, Development axes, Team building

    Round table led by Raphaël OLSZEWSKI (Belgium), Sang-Hwy LEE (South Korea), Roman Hossein KHONSARI (France)


  • Delaire Evolution software
    Benoît PHILIPPE Jean Philippe PERRIN (France)
  • Functional genioplasty according to Jean Delaire concepts
    Pierre CORRE, Pascal HUET (France)
  • Full splintless guided orthognathic surgery and practical implementation of Jean Delaire's concepts
    Benoît PHILIPPE (France)
  • Physiotherapy Workshop
    Frédérique BIGOT, Frédéric MARTIN, Isabelle MOHAT, (France)

Due to the large number of communications, the workshops could be held on 10 June 2020 in order to have sufficient training time. The final dates and timetables of the workshops will be available on the website on 1 January 2021.

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